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  TraceLight Design serves two functions. The first is to act as an online portfolio, presenting my work and resume to employers interested in filling long-term/full-time positions. The second aim is to act as a company website for potential clients wishing to hire a freelance designer/developer.

  Until 2008, I worked in the film industry as an optical camera operator shooting titles and effects. It was a great job; it was also analog and when special effects completed the transition to digital, optical cameras and operators disappeared.
  The logical move for someone in my position would have been to learn the software and follow suit. Indeed, I already had experience programming and shooting with computer controlled optical and motion control cameras, as well as creating titles and effects using After Effects and Combustion. However, the deeper I went the more I gravitated to web design.
  My education and experience have touched on many areas of the arts, (Theater, Film, Photography, Design and Animation) and programming, (Basic, Unix, C++). My jobs have always been technical as well as artistic and both modes of thought come into play in designing and developing websites.
  I enjoy diving under the hood as well as swimming in the clouds.

Brian Midkiff